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Why LED Lighting as a solution?

In transitioning from traditional(Thomas Edison)to LED Lighting, we provide empirical proof of concept …

We provides 100% financing

to commercial and residential property owners for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation improvements.

Four Main Types of Solar Systems

A brief tutorial of the four types of solar systems available: Grid-Tied, Grid-Tie Battery Backup, Off-Grid and Grid-Assist.

America’s Best Home Improvement Financing

Install your energy efficient home improvements faster,
easier and more economically with Volcano Energy Group

  • 100% financing, no money down
  • Tax deductible
  • Approval not based on credit score
  • Smart 50%
  • Flexible 80%
  • Beautiful 40%

 About Volcano Energy Group

Volcano Energy Group LLC is a National energy reduction solutions company, which is dedicated to providing LED Lighting solutions, saving clients over 50% of their current electric consumption.

Our clients come from virtually every sector of the economy including Health Care, Commercial, Retail, Education, Industrial and Governmental Facilities.

Contact us for a brief pre qualification interview because there is a limit to the amount of projects we will fund.

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